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The Classic Fighters Airshow has a proud history of entertaining large numbers of visitors with cleverly themed airshows dating back nearly two decades. In years past, the event has paid tribute to the ANZACS, to Aviation in the Movies, to 'Racing through Time' both in the air and on the ground, along with many WW2 theatre-themes such as France, North Africa and Italy. In this year of the 125th Anniversary of New Zealand women's suffrage, the organisers are proud to be 'Saluting Women in Aviation' at our next three-day aviation-based entertainment spectacular!

Amongst those feted at Yealands Classic Fighters 2019 will be our present day aviatrixes, many of whom will fly in the show itself. However the roles played by women throughout the history of aviation have been far more comprehensive than most people might expect. During the pioneering years, women were never far behind the men in pushing the boundaries to get airborne, and then show their skills with long distance trailblazing flights all around the planet. As most Kiwis will be aware, the very first person to fly solo from England to New Zealand was a woman, our very own Jean Batten. Other names like Amelia Earhart, Amy Johnson, Beryl Markham, Jacqueline Cochran and Lores Bonney all made significant contributions to the advancement of air travel. 

Through two world wars, it was the women who stayed home and were available and ready to perform all manner of roles in aircraft manufacturing from wooden airframe construction to sheet metal fabrication and engine building.

In the Second World War large numbers of women pilots played an invaluable role in largely domestic based flying, delivering aircraft from factories to squadrons. Unique amongst the WW2 combatants, women in the former Soviet Union were allowed to fly in combat, including fighter and bomber squadrons. Some units like the famous 'Night Witches' were operated entirely by women, carrying out, quite apart from the highly dangerous flying operations, the additional roles of maintenance engineers, armourers, as well as the more mundane admin duties. 

There are countless significant roles that women have played in aviation history that will provide a rich bounty of fascinating human stories that the Classic Fighters Airshow team are itching to tell. All supported from a unique and comprehensive collection of exotic aircraft and related props and sets, coming together for what promises to be an exceptional weekend of entertainment!


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